weSend is a solution for sending and receiving large files over the Internet which is ideal for professional data exchanges. Designed for companies, local authorities and associations, weSend is personalised with customer’s names and logos so that it becomes an integral part of the information system. Completely autonomously, the customer has access to an administration console which he is able to use to provide access to the weSend solution according to his needs (all or part of it for his staff members, customers, subsidiaries, etc. The administrator manages the solution’s users (add, modify, delete, rights management) and is able to access the history of the files sent/stored. weSend integrates SSL security which means that files are illegible while they are being transferred. Data may also be encrypted making them illegible on servers. Tracking of what has been sent is ensured by a real-time tracking tool provided for each of the solution’s users. The weSend solution is distributed in SaaS mode, hosted by dropCloud or directly by the customer, in order to meet the needs of all the different company profiles. Invoicing of the service may be on an all-inclusive basis or according to consumption.


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